Age is just a number, but when is that number considered "old."

Growing up I thought people who were over 50 were old. Don't get mad at me, I was a little girl. Now, I look at my parents who are 64 and 59 and I'm like, they aren't old!

My mom tweets and Instagrams like a teenager and my dad still uses his free time to paint the walls of their house. Sure, he takes a nap in the living room every once in a while, but hey, all men do that right?

A new survey says that I am completely right in thinking my parents aren't "old," they are still middle aged.

68.1 years old is when people are now considered to be old, thought those of us under 35 still think 60 year old are old.

I will always remember the story about when my dad was in his 40s, when a kid smashed my brother's painted pumpkin. My dad chased them away and the kid said to him, "go home you middle aged man."

I'm pretty confused so I'm going to call my dad about this on the air today, we'll have to see what he says in regards to his old-ness.


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