Did you miss the exciting news? Instagram gave us a birthday present! Not for our birthday, it was actually for their 10th birthday.

So what's the gift? It's something we've all been asking for for a while now. Remember when you first got instagram back when it first started? You had this ICONIC icon -

Credit TSM

Then all of a sudden, our favorite polaroid camera was taken from us! Insta changed the icon a few years later to this -

Credit TSM

And ever since they changed it, the internet has been begging for it back. Well, good news, it's finally back! And we've actually got some options. So how do you unlock this Insta Easter egg? Here's the steps -

Go to your profile, and head to the settings. (It's the three lines in the top right corner) 

Then you'll have to pull down on the page like you're "refreshing" it, but you're going to have to pull down pretty far. How far? Until you see the present - 

Credit TSM

And then you'll see a mini celebration on your screen, because you unlocked them! 

Credit TSM

They've got a ton of icon options from the OG to some new ones! Happy birthday Insta, thanks for giving us our favorite icon back.

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