The quarter life crisis is officially setting in. 25 feels a little too close to 30 for comfort, but honestly, I'm excited for 25!

I figured I'd share some life tips in honor of my 25 years of life on this Earth.

I don't know everything, some days I feel like I know nothing. But what I do know, is that life is short and I'd love to share some tips I've learned that make life feel full to me -

  1. Get the fries, always get the fries
  2. If you can call your parents, call them
  3. When you see a cute dog on the street, pet it
  4. Always say thank you, bless you, etc.
  5. Take that trip
  6. Make your bed every morning, you'll feel better I promise
  7. Dance at concerts, like REALLY dance
  8. Enjoy sunsets and sunrises
  9. Do things that scare you
  10. Hug your friends extra tight
  11. Add that extra spoonful of sugar to your coffee
  12. Get the shoes you want at the mall
  13. Hold the door for people
  14. Smile at strangers
  15. Take the scenic route
  16. Sleep in on weekends
  17. Watch those home videos you forgot about
  18. Drive with the windows down and the music turned all the way up
  19. Say hi to butterflies
  20. Go see kids movies in theaters
  21. Ask for extra whip cream
  22. Light candles every day
  23. Enjoy some alone time
  24. Sing in the shower
  25. Live unapologetically

I've been alive for 25 years, and as old as that feels to me, I know it's young. But after losing my mom at 19 to cancer, I look at life very differently now. I cherish my family more, I say I love you as much as I can, and I hug harder.

I'm not perfect, but I am a 25 year old who wants to share some of her millennial love with the world.

I asked for dog pictures on 97ZOK's facebook page and got so many good ones I wanted to share those as well -

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