Booker T, The Red Power Ranger and more will send you a two minute video message reminding you that Geek'd Con is coming October 1- 2.

I'll never forget my first Con. I met the one and only Noah Hathaway.

Name doesn't ring a bell, huh? Well, he is Atreyu from The Never Ending Story.

Growing up, that was my favorite movie. I'm pretty sure I wore out the VHS tape after watching it so many times. Atreyu was my hero. I just loved that movie.

Now I'm a grown woman, at a Con, broadcasting for an internet radio station. To my surprise, Atreyu is there! Now, mind you not, he is a grown man now himself and doesn't look anything like the sweet boy in the movie.

I mentioned to a few people that I couldn't believe he was there. What they did next was a surprise. They got Noah Hathaway to come talk to me and surprise me!

There I am, minding my own business, when Atreyu comes over and taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and almost buckle at the knees. Noah Hathaway, Atreyu, is right there! Talking to me! I turned into an immediate fan girl. I mean, look at the look on my face! Priceless!

Atreyu and Lori
Lori, Townsqure Media

Cons are the best! You get to meet your favorite celebrities and comic book authors and illustrators, you find incredible art and one of a kind merchandise and you get to dress up like your favorite characters.

It really is fun for everyone of all ages.

Big fan of Booker T? What about Steve Cardenas, the Red Power Ranger? Well, they will be happy to give you a call via video message to remind you that they will be at Geek'd Con this year at the Mercy Indoor Sports Center October 1st and 2nd.

A website called boasts that their gaggle of celebrities will send you a personal video message. The reason for the message is up to you. It could be for a proposal, surprise wedding or birthday gift or even to remind you that the first ever Rockford Geek'd Con is on it's way.

Booker T and Steve Cardenas, (who will both be at Geek'd Con this year) Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey and more are part of the offerings on the website.

All you have to do is chose your celebrity, enter the details you want them to mention, pay the fee associated with the act and you will receive and email with your video and download link as soon as the celebrity records the video.

How cool is that!?

Can't wait to see you at Geek'd Con this year!


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