When you hear the words Geek'd Con, what comes to mind? Comics? Art? Games? People dressed up as their favorite superheros and comic book characters? 90's heart throbs? **record scratch** 90's heart throbs?

Doesn't often come to mind when you think of comic book conventions, does it? That's what makes Geek'd Con so unique and this year, my fellow 90's girls can get up close and personal with Mallrats star, Jeremy London.

You might be asking yourself, "what is he doing there?" His reason for being there is just one of these ten reasons why you should meet Jeremy at this year's Geek'd Con:

1. He's a film maker; learn more about his Indie Short film, Monsters Anonymous.

2. You've had a crush on him since you saw him in Mallrats.

10th Anniversary Screening and Q&A for "Mallrats"

3. You could make him laugh by giving him the "stink palm."

4. Ask him what he really thought of Minnesota, where Mallrats was filmed.

5. He will inspire you. Jeremy, like a lot celebrities has hit rock bottom but he's managed to turn his life around and he's making a comeback. If his story doesn't motivate you then I don't know what will.

6. He can teach you how to make anything sound cool.

7. Not a supporter of Donald Trump? Neither is he.

8. He loves bragging about the same things you do; like your kids.

9. Maybe he'll tell you the real story about the time he was kidnapped and forced to smoke crack.
10. It's basically a 90's girl dream come true.

Mallrats Premiere

Can't wait to see you TS.

See who else will be at Geek'd Con and get your tickets below.



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