This year more than ever I think we're all reaching for some extra holiday cheer. Whether that's treating yourself to a peppermint mocha, or listening to your favorite Christmas song on repeat, we all need a little extra joy.

What's one way to get in the holiday spirit and have a tun of fun while also staying safe in 2020? Christmas lights! There's a ton of displays all around Illinois and Wisconsin. From professional light shows, to at-home set ups, there's SO much light fun to be had right now.

We got a video sent to us and it was from Andrew Plett who was telling us about his holiday light display in Rockford. His YouTube channel has videos of the house all decked out.

Check out just how awesome this house is -

So that's the full show. But the creativity isn't just in the light show. Andrew even wrote and recorded his very own Christmas song for the display.

I love what Andrew said about writing the song -

I wrote and recorded my own Christmas song to include in this year's Christmas light show at our house. I even learned a couple of new instruments for the occasion. Maybe it was to avoid any copyright violations when I posted the video, maybe it was because there is currently a pandemic and I couldn't find any people with more talent than me to help, or maybe it wasn't. But nonetheless, it happened.

Ever wondered what a set up like this looks like during the day?

But we needed to know more, so we had Andrew on The Steve Shannon Show to ask him some more questions. Here's what we talked about when we had Andrew on.

Here's some of the craziest facts Andrew told us -

  • The display has over 12,000 lights
  • It cost over $3,000
  • It uses an app that allows you to program songs with the lights
  • It all is run by ONE outlet

The one outlet fact gave me major Clark Griswold vibes when he finally plugs all the lights in.

If you want to check out Andrew's house for yourself, it's on Divine Drive right off of Rote. If it's dark out, I'm pretty sure you wont miss it. You can check out more on Andrew's YouTube channel. 

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