Do I even need to tell you the potholes are HORRIBLE? No.

You know. You drive over them every day. Then there's that one pothole ... the one that REALLY feels like you just popped all of your tires. Well now the time has come to fix these organ re-arranging, tire popping, heart stopping potholes.

Got one in particular that really needs to be fixed? I think we all do. I know about 20 and I'm not even from Rockford. According to Mystateline -

Between this week's anticipated rain and melting snow, many areas across the stateline are preparing for flooding. On West State Street, crews were blowing water out of potholes and being filled in with new blacktop patches on Wednesday. The City of Rockford says their teams are out fixing potholes, weather permitting, but they need to know where they are.

So how do you let them know where they are? You can report all potholes on the city's website. 

Together, we can make the roads of Rockford less like roller coasters and more like roads again.

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