A fake holiday is a great holidays when it involves cookies. And when there's a chance for FREE cookies? Yes. Please.

Fake holidays can run the gamut, from 'National Elephant Fact Day,' to 'National Wine Day,' some deserve a little more excitement than others.

And when 'National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day,' comes around, you know I'm celebrating.

That day happens to be coming soon. Tomorrow in fact... August 4.

The Internet has plenty ideas as to how we should celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, but I can't figure out why we're celebrating in August... it seems like more of a winter holiday to me... but again whatever, I'll dive in.

The best part of holidays like this, we can usually find some free food while we celebrate.

Here in Rockford we can start by scoring a freebie at Cookies By Design.

I've had those little cuties and can vouch for me, they're delicious!

Rumor has it Potbelly is also celebrating with free cookies, but you have to have their app in order to participate.

If you want to learn some fun chocolate chip cookie facts you can do that too.

National Today serves up quite a few including:

  • 38,000 – the weight of the world’s largest chocolate chip cookie.
  • 53% – the percentage of Americans who prefer chocolate chip cookies to other cookies.
  • 13.5% – the percentage of American adults who admitted to having eaten at least 20 chocolate chip cookies in one sitting.
  • 50 – the number of chocolate chips that can be held in a normal tablespoon of cookie dough.
  • 35,000 – the number of cookies the average person consumes in a lifetime.

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