We also hope there's a Ladies Man, an excellent party and one or two cheerleaders.

'Saturday Night Live,' has always been one of my favorite shows.

There's a chance I shouldn't have been watching it when I was in fourth grade, but my best friend and I still made a point to have Saturday sleepovers and attempt to stay up until midnight to see the credits roll.

So you better believe I will make a stop at the Museum of Broadcast Communications when the 'SNL' exhibit arrives next month.

I'm seriously counting down the days until October 21.

One of my dreams is to see 'SNL' live and this will absolutely be the next best thing.

From frequently used 'SNL' costumes, to pieces from the 'Wayne's World' set (my personal favorite), the exhibit will have 500 different items in display.

You can get as excited as I am by checking out the website, SNLtheExperience.com, which is where tickets will be available starting tomorrow.

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