When it snows, you have to shovel, or pay someone to do it, but it's nice to know it also counts as your workout.

I do not ever want to shovel. I don't like being cold, usually I find a hole in my boots when I attempt, and I feel like I haven't quite discovered a shovel that's efficient that doesn't hurt my back to use.

But I, like most of us, still had to get out there this weekend and shovel.

So I thought, ok, what's the good part about this... it counts as a workout!

Whether you actually care that you got a bonus workout in or you were just wondering why you were so hungry after you cleared your driveway, I thought I'd let you know about how many calories you burned.

According to Captain Calorie (which is an amazing website name),  I burned about 370 something calories shoveling Sunday. 

Now, if I was going to actually bet, I would say I burned closer to 250 because some of my shoveling probably looked more like walking around in circles. But hey - 250 calories while I helped my dad clear his driveway? I consider that a total win.

How many calories do you think you burnt?

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