It's officially back to school week in Illinois, and one woman is playing along on Facebook with her hilarious "back to school" photo.

While kids generally take up a lot of photo space on Facebook, there is no week more kid-populated that back to school week.

There are hundreds of thousands, ok maybe millions of back to school photos being posted on social media right now, and you if you don't have kids, you're out of luck.

Unless you're as clever as Lauren.

Lauren got in the "back to school" photo game on Facebook yesterday with her official first day pic.

Lauren Zumpf VIA Facebook

Like the guy who took engagement photos with a burrito, Lauren managed to mock the very trendy back to school sign idea in a hilariously clever way.

My favorite part? Obviously the "weight: n/a."

Good luck this year, Lauren!

If you actually have kids who are going to school this week and you want to win $1,100 worth of prizes, post their back to school photos on Instagram and use #97ZOK.