We all have tough days and typically Mondays are the worst. As is the case here. Seriously, how do you mess this one up?

UPDATE 8:30 am CDT Tuesday, July 18 This case of the Mondays has been cured... by a case of the Tuesdays. See below.

I won't pretend to know anything about the difficult job that goes on underneath our city, but the story here isn't about that. It's about finishing the job of proper replacement of the manhole cover. And really, when you see this picture, you'll see that 'how' to do that part of the job was pretty simple. Someone go give that manhole cover a quick half-turn.

It's only Monday, and this person was already out of F****.

Rockford Public Works Employee Has Serious Case of the Mondays
Pablo Korona

Is it just me or does this manhole cover make you hungry for an Oreo cookie?

This photo was shared by my friend Pablo Korona who often shares his unique views of Rockford. Give him a follow on Instagram.

*UPDATE* Thanks to the quick action of Tim Hanson (Executive Director of Rock River Water Reclamation) and Warren Stahl, the manhole cover has been given a half-turn.

Rockford Public Works Has Serious Case of the Mondays
Pablo Korona via Facebook

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