If you're making a list of the best burger joints in America, it's almost imperative to add these two restaurants to the list.

The best part is that they are perfect for those living in Illinois and Wisconsin.

That's because there's one in each state.

Just last month, Reader's Digest highlighted both restaurants in their Best Burgers in Every State list.


First up, is a burger joint in Wisconsin.

It's called Solly's Grille and it's located in Milwaukee. Solly's has an interesting history with butterburgers claiming they invented those things.

Reader's Digest suggests "Stop in for Solly’s Big Boy Burger, a menu staple with two 100 percent local sirloin patties with bread in the middle, specialty Big Boy sauce, Wisconsin butter, shredded lettuce, and stewed onions on a brioche bun."

The other joint is more an experience than an actual meal, that is if you can actually get inside the place.

Located in Chicago, this burger hot spot is called Au Cheval.

Any national list worth its salt will mention Au Cheval as the best burger joint in Ilinois.

Reader's Digest:

The 'single' cheeseburger has two patties, and the “double” has three, but adding bacon and an egg to complement the already rich combination of meat, pickles, onions, and Dijonnaise is always a good idea.

If you had to pick one place to visit of the two which would it be? Solly's or Au Cheval?

Personally, I'm picking Solly's. I feel I've got a better chance to actually get my hands on a burger over there than at Au Cheval.

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