Eating snacks at bars is part of the deal. Thankfully, we have some of the best bar snacks in Illinois.

At least, I believe we've got the best bar snacks. Thrillist thinks so too.

Yeah, popcorn's pretty ubiquitous in bars. But in Illinois, it's a way of life. Often given away for free, popcorn has to be one of the great bar snacks of all time. Several Midwestern states claim this iconic snack as theirs, but Illinois is the most deserving.

Popcorn anywhere is the best, but as a free snack, you can't go wrong. I mean, the best part of a bad movie is the popcorn. I guess the same can be said about a trip to any dive bar that serves popcorn.

Rockford Is One Of The Only Cities In The US Serving This Gourmet Popcorn

The only thing I can't get behind when it comes to free popcorn or any snack at a bar in Rockford or anywhere is the "shared food" aspect. There are just way too many hands, that in my head, (whether it's true or not) I just can't handle. I'm just not sure where those hands were before they stuck them all over that popcorn.

In case you're wondering, Wisconsin's favorite bar snack is cheese curds. My food sharing phobias aside, I'll go all-in on some cheese curds, germs be damned.

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