Making delicious beer and beautiful jewelry made from the ashes of our loved ones requires very similar skills.

Fibs Brewing Company in Des Plaines, Illinois not only brews 12 different beers, they also turn the ashes of the deceased into gorgeous gems. For close to 20 years, Greg Herro and Dean VandenBiesen have used their scientific expertise to create over 10,000 diamonds of every shade for families who wanted a special keepsake to remember a loved one. Over those years, the pair have also come up with some pretty amazing craft beers.

Turns out that making these Life Gems and craft beers require very similar talents, according to

"There's a lot of overlaps in the process of making diamonds and making beer,” Herro says. “Making gemstones is very mathematical. You need to gauge heat and pressure. If you want to make the perfect beer, you need heat, the right grain composition, timing. For both of them, everything's gotta be just right."

Fibs is also the first microbrewery where you can knock back a few beers while watching your loved one being turned in to a diamond.


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