After a year like 2020, brides have been through it all. Now one woman is worried her dress won't be altered by her wedding date. 

While I've never been married, I have been in nine weddings so I've seen a lot of trials and tribulations when it comes to planning your big day.

Some details you stress over and realize after the fact that they weren't so important, but other things... like the dress... well that's very important.

Which is probably why one woman from Illinois is worried she won't have her dress when the big day comes.

This post was shared inside the 'Everything Schaumburg,' group on Facebook. 

Jennie writes: 

I am getting married in August and I got my dress from this place and already paid for alterations.
Has anyone ever had issues with the alterations department? Should I just eat the money and go somewhere else?
I’m nervous because I already had big issues with them when trying to get my dress.
Over 100 Facebook users have commented on the post, with less than stellar things to say.
  • Kimberly says, 'No dress place should give this much headache, stress and aggravation. There is no reason for this place to do what they do to people. I DO NOT understand how this place is still open!'
  • Lessa says, 'So I bought my dress there in 2016. Beautiful dress. HORRIBLE PLACE TO SHOP!!'
  • Laurel says, 'I was making payments on a dress and they sold it out from under me.'
I read through as many comments as I could, but there was no sign of a positive experience.
One of the weddings I was in, did involve a trip to House of Brides and I believe we ordered the dresses there and didn't have any problems, but it sure sounds like a lot of women have had issues with this store.
Have you ever been shopping there? What was your experience?

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