A Lockport, Illinois business is under fire after a controversial sign has sparked outrage in the community.

The store, Will County Loan Co., at 1111 East 9th Street isn't new to controversy either. This is the second time in as many years a store sign has angered residents.

The first incident occurred in 2016 when the owner of Will County Loan Co. posted a sign that read "Outhouse In The Rear For Transgenders."

The latest sign outside Will County Loan Co. is targeting the transgender community yet again, "Help Wanted - Must Be Female From Birth."

Many believe the sign to be a slur against transgender Americans while the owner of the store sees it differently.

According to WGN, the Will County Loan Co. owner, Richard Tisch says "The sign is, no question, satire..people are just too serious...everybody’s becoming offended in this country today. I mean, the place has gone crazy,"

Yelp users don't think the sign is funny or satirical in any way. Andrea G. from Orland Park says "What a stain on the community. This owner should be ashamed of himself and his 'satire'."

Sofiya T. on Yelp adds "You can't be 'good people' and bigoted at the same time. These are not good people."

There are more poor reviews for Tisch's Will County Loan Co. across the internet, but the owner refuses to back down. Tisch tells Patch.com "I will not take it down until I'm ready to take it down...I have a right to say whatever I want to say."

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