Maybe I missed out on this one but I can't seem to understand how it was chosen as Illinois' "favorite '90s cartoon."

StreamNotes put together a comprehensive map detailing the most popular '90s cartoons from each state.

A couple of omissions to start: The Simpson's isn't on the list because the show debuted in 1989. Okay.

They also kept South Park and Family Guy off the list "Since (they) wanted to focus on the nostalgic kids shows, we excluded any show with a rating of TV-14 or higher."

This is how StreamNotes came up with the favorite for each state:

We used IMDb to generate a list of the top 25 most popular and highest rated cartoons that were released in the United States during the ‘90s."


From there we analyzed Google Trends data from the past year to identify the shows that stand the test of time–which shows are people still searching for after all these years?

Illinois favorite cartoon from the '90s was Arthur. I'm so disappointed.

Wisconsin's is a bit better, Recess was listed as the favorite.

Was the list in line with your favorite shows from that decade? What's your favorite '90s cartoon?

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