There's a very good chance this is completely made up.

In fact, I'm almost certain it's not the real deal.

Two reasons.

One, Barstool Sports made up an America's Favorite Food Chains map a few months ago, and for the most part, it seemed completely unreal.

Secondly, with the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks in Illinois, there is no chance the Chicago White Sox are the state's "most popular team."

Heck, the White Sox aren't even the most popular baseball team in Illinois.

Barstool Sports uses information from the Sports Housing and Recreational Tourism Statistics to put the whole thing together.

If you take the first letter of each word in Sports Housing and Recreational Tourism and create an acronym it spells out SHARTS. If you don't know what a SHART is, look it up. It's NSFW, but funny nonetheless.

Sorry to burst your bubble White Sox fans. Besides, the White Sox are more likely ranked lower than every other professional sports team in Illinois in popularity, there's no way this map is the real deal.

I mean, the map says the Milwaukee Bucks are Wisconsin's most popular sports team, and that's all you really need to know.

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