Many Americans turned to alcohol to ease the pain of the pandemic, one man in Illinois managed to turn that alcohol into soft-serve ice cream. 

It's hard not to want to know more when you hear there's an alcoholic soft serve dessert making machine out there.

It's even more exciting when you hear that it was created right here in Illinois.

Let's dive in.

Below Zero is the company that managed to figure out how to make alcoholic ice cream.

I'm sure many chefs... in restaurants and at home have attempted this before, but you probably know alcohol doesn't freeze. So you need something to help you turn it from a liquid to a cream.

How did they do it? With a secret gel.

That's pretty much the only inside info that we get from the latest article about Below Zero which is from the Daily Herald. 

It transforms any beer, wine and even hard liquors like whiskey and vodka into treats you lick rather than drink, and the final product retains the exact same alcohol content of the elements that were used to make it, according to the company.

This is so cool!

Yes I like to drink frozen cocktails but also that's some cool science!

According to the article, you can order a machine for $5,500 and they're currently in 18 different states across the country.

While the gel was created pre-COVID, having that COVID experience gave the Below Zero team a chance to restructure their machine and marketing plan and become the success they now are.

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