Is this the definition of good luck? Bad luck?

Bad luck is getting pulled over for having expired plates by a police officer. Good luck is having the same officer who pulled you over take you to a job interview shortly after.

Bad bad luck would be getting pulled over, miss the job interview, then missing out on the job and then not being able to afford the new license plate sticker.

Luckily the above didn't happen because Cahokia Police Officer Roger Gemoules took Kshawn Ballwin to his job interview.

He (Ballwin) told Officer Gemoules that he had a job interview and didn't have any way of getting there and that's why he was driving illegally. Instead of issuing him a ticket, Officer Gemoules took him to his interview AND HE GOT THE JOB!

According to KMOV, "Germoules says he feels he’s made a better connection to his community. Ballwin is now employed.

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