If you think you have the funniest dad ever, wait until you see what happened to this Illinois dad when he attempted to take his "grand-dog" for a nice walk.

Growing up, my dad loved documenting everything with his cameras.  From family vacations, to random dances we'd make up in our living room,  to me and my siblings playing outside.

attachment-me and my sisters

I always thought it was cool to have all the memories and still do, but my sisters were sometimes annoyed with a camera in their faces lol.

Well, life comes full circle.  My dad got a taste of karma.  It's funny, I promise haha.

Illinois Dad Thrown To Ground By Pet Dog In Hilarious [Video]

First off, this is Plum, my sister's dog.  She's such a good girl!!!

attachment-plum golden retriever

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My dad was taking Plum outside to go to the bathroom and she saw a squirrel...

My dad has a security camera that faces his backyard and caught him faceplant into the grass when Plum decided to book it.  Take a look at the video!


Basically, Plum saw a squirrel and took my dad down with her.  C'mon, you have to admit it's funny... I have watched the video over and over and still can't stop laughing.

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With Father's Day just a few weeks away, I thought I'd share this and kick off the #ThatsMyDad trend.  If you have any videos or stories of your dad's most hilarious moments, send them to me!

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