This April, we're hoping we can steer clear of any blizzards from the sky, but we're here for the blizzards from Dairy Queen, especially at this price. 

I truly believe that ice cream is always 'in season,' but there are some seasons that call for frozen desserts a little more than others, and one of those times is spring.

Technically it's spring already, but while you're reading this there could be a few snowflakes falling.

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Unfortunately there's not much we can do about those flakes except wish them away.

And we can wish them away while eating ice cream at a very low price starting April 10 at Dairy Queen.

According to People Magazine, Dairy Queen is celebrating Blizzards in April, giving us the chance to buy one for 85 cents if we use the Dairy Queen app. 

Blizzards were invented in 1985, which is where the price inspo came from, which is really inexpensive considering a small Blizzard is $4.89.

If you have a family of four, you can get everyone a blizzard with this deal for less than one at regular price! Though you'll have to make sure everyone downloads the app.

Now, the question remains, what flavor are you getting?

DQ launched new flavors along with the 85 cent Blizzard announcement so in addition to the flavors you've been eating since you were a kid, you can now choose:

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  • Oreo Brookie Blizzard (Oreos, brownies and cookie pieces mixed into the soft serve)
  • Peanut Butter Puppy Chow Blizzard (puppy chow, peanut butter topping and choco chunks mixed into the soft serve)

I'm here for that Brookie Blizzard all day every day.

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