In a recent study on car dreams, Illinois residents seem to keep their aspirations pretty grounded compared to other states.

Think about the first time you saw a luxury, high-status vehicle just cruising down the road.  What's your immediate thought - "Dang, they have money" or "That'd be a dream to own"?  Honestly, I say both lol.

My dad has always been a car guy.  He loves working on cars, treats his cars like his own children, and will only buy Toyota or Honda brands.  Since I've been able to drive, I've only had Hondas and it's mind-blowing how long they last even with minimal maintenance.

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If I was given the opportunity to splurge on my dream car, I'd 100% always choose Maserati.  Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted a red Maserati Granturismo Convertible.  The color, the shape... it's everything!


The rest of Illinois doesn't seem too spontaneous when it comes to their dream car.  We take a more realistic, practical approach in the Prairie State.  According to a survey at tintingchicago, the top dream car make for Illinoisans is not as exciting as you'd think.

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Illinois Residents Don't Dream Very Big When It Comes To Cars

Unlike some states where luxury cars are in high demand, Illinois residents prefer the reliability and familiarity of one specific brand. This down-to-earth choice reflects practicality and functionality over flaunting your "status".

When you hear "dream car" you'd probably expect someone to name drop Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, or Porshe.

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Us folks in Illinois had a different brand in mind and it might surprise you..

Illinois' dream car brand is Ford.

"While Ford and Toyota make all different types of vehicles, their trucks, like the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra, are popular for those who live in areas where farming, ranching, and other occupations that require high horsepower are the norm." [tintingchicago]


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While majority of the cars on the top 10 "Dream Cars" list were luxury vehicles, non-luxury cars also qualify - we're humbling other states with Ford being Illinois' top choice, period!

"Both Ford and Toyota are considered to be a status symbol in enough areas to make the list. This shows that not all areas view driving a luxury car as the highest statement of status on the road." [tintingchicago]

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