I asked this question yesterday, "Sales of this item spike 40% around the holidays. What is it?"

Would you be surprised to find out the most popular answer was "alcohol?" I wasn't.

When you consider what everyone has gone through this year, alcohol has been used to get us through these tough times.

So while not many are feeling quite as festive as they would in previous years, coupling the pandemic with the holidays, "having a drink" is probably on the minds of many.

If you've ever wondered what exactly is Illinois' favorite Christmas cocktail, it's one that either everyone either loves or hates. There is no take it or leave it when it comes to Eggnog.

These 6 Eggnog Recipes Will Bring on the Drool

Alcohol.org surveyed 3,000 Americans, just last month to find out each state's favorite boozy holiday drink and Eggnog was the most popular in Illinois, Wisconsin, and nearly every state across the US.

For me, Eggnog plain is a no-go, add a little bourbon and now you're talking. The second most popular drink in Illinois is an Old-Fashioned, followed by a Hot Toddy.

What is your favorite Christmas drink? Is it Eggnog? Tell us!

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