What a sad story coming from the Chicago suburbs this morning.

ABC 7 Chicago is reporting that a fourth grade student in Barrington died over winter break because of a heart condition that seemed to be worsened by having the flu.

The child's name was Johnny Towler and he attended Grove Elementary.

According to ABC's story, a letter was sent to parents with children at Johnny's school saying Johnny died, 'unexpectedly over the winter break from a viral infection that attacked his heart, which is a rare complication from the flu.'

The exact condition is referred to as myocarditis, which is very rare but can occur from the flu.

We've seen so many people infected with the flu this season, with My Stateline reporting a massive amount of people with the flu or flu-like symptoms.

While the effectiveness of this year's flu shot is out for debate, doctors are still recommending getting the shot saying the length of your flu infection will be lessened if you get the shot first.

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