Santa, isn't it time to go back to the North Pole?

I loved Stroll on State this year! It was actually the first year I was able to go, I brought my parents, my brother and some of my nieces and nephews and we all had a blast.

But that was like a long time ago.

November 25 to be exact.

Now, I understand it's been freezing the last few weeks and this is a volunteer thing, but there's just something depressing about driving home from work and seeing Santa glowing on State Street.

I like that he's there, but then I remember it's January 10 and Santa isn't coming back to Rockford for like 11 more months.

Am I just having the crabby January blues or are you with me on this one.... if Santa is gonna chill by 2nd Street, he could at least sit there without the lights on.

Sincerely, Michelle, who wishes it was December and not January.

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