Graduating and failing at the same time is a feat accomplished by very few.

But for this un-acrobatic graduating Senior from a high school in Gurnee, Illinois, he managed to do both.

You see, the teen was just given his diploma and in all his glee decided to give a "graduation backflip" a shot.

I've never heard of a "graduation backflip," mainly because no one would attempt something quite as insane as this at a graduation ceremony.

Never mind the injury factor, the graduate needed to consider the robe. Those things can be quite constricting, and don't forget it's probably a rental. One tear, or scratch and he's gonna have to pay for it.

Lastly, the kid just got his diploma. Don't remind the dean and the rest of the school that you probably shouldn't have received it. All they have to do is walk over to his crumpled body and take the piece of paper back.

No word if the kid was OK. We're guessing he's probably fine.

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