The car seat law in Illinois is changing next year. The change is expected to reduce serious injuries more than 90%.

I still remember the day my daughter was born and the great big ball of nervous energy I was in the midst of all my joy. That 24 hours in the hospital was surreal. Nothing the midwife, nurses or doctor's did or told us prepared me for the terrifying moment that awaited. The moment I put my daughter in that car seat, the one I wasn't so certain I'd installed properly, I began to panic. Our home was only 10 minutes from the hospital, but at the slow speed i was driving, it took over half an hour. It took me quite a long time to feel my daughter was safe in her car seat. In 2019, more steps are being taken to ensure all children's safety when traveling in a car.

Starting January 1, 2019, all children under the age of two will need to be securely fastenend into a rear-facing car seat. The numbers, in the graphic below from the Illinois Department of Transportation are staggering when you look at how much safer children will be in a motor vehicle crash.

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