Wasn't there news of Illinois taking action about robocalls? How is texting not a part of that initiative? Is anyone else getting texts from random "agencies" or "businesses"?

Earlier in the summer, I was getting inundated with texts from Walmart informing me I would receive thousands of dollars courtesy of their COVID-19 relief program. Believe it or not, I am not a dummy. I was fully aware this was a scam. The bogus URL within the text with a big indicator. Other indicators were similar messages from different phone numbers as well as grammatical errors. Hate on Walmart all you want, they're not paying someone to send out poorly written texts in the form of a group text.


These scamming morons are taking it to another level by pretending to be part of the government.

The text pertaining to the headline of this article is one I received just this morning. Obviously, these lame-brains don't understand that I get up pretty early during the week. They're not fooling me with this garbage of a text after 10 a.m.

The text didn't even make sense. It wasn't in sentence form. It was almost like a text you right receive after you fill out some form except it's totally fake.

Illinois Department of Transportation  (IDOT) Driver License Waiver Validation.Validate your details below:


The text was followed by a shortened link that someone probably clicked because they didn't truly understand it is actually a scam.

This is why it is so important to not click on any link you are NOT expecting.

McHenry County Sheriff's Office shared this as an important reminder.

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