I think it's safe to say cabin fever has pretty much kicked in for everyone by now. Travel is starting to pick back up, but to no surprise, some states are safer to travel to than others. A new mapping tool released Monday warns Illinois residents about traveling to states with a high amount of COVID-19 infections.

The updated map marks areas with a daily case rate of 15 cases per 100,000 or greater as “higher risk.” Here's what the map looks like currently (I'm assuming it will change when new data comes in) -

Credit WTVO
Credit WTVO

The Illinois Department of Public Health's Director Dr. Ngozi Ezik said -

Travel may increase the chance of becoming infected and spreading COVID-19. To help inform residents where they might be at greater risk of being exposed to COVID-19 when they travel, IDPH has launched a map that clearly shows states and other countries where case rates are elevated.

The map was made for Illinois residents to assess the risk of travel. So clearly that means travel is happening. With life starting to open back up, some people have no choice but to travel for work/family/etc. The IDPH director details -

While staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, we know that it may not be possible to avoid all travel.  We encourage people who are traveling, whether for work or otherwise, to check out the map before making plans

So if you're looking to travel, use this map to help plan your trip.

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