When in Rome right? Well, actually when in Chicago, you must try my new favorite hidden gem Italian restaurant. 

Let's talk about restaurants. We are really lucky to have some great ones in Rockford. In fact, some would say that living in a city the size of Rockford is perfect because you can find some time to go to every restaurant in the city within maybe seven months?

That's a blessing, you never miss out on the best meal of the city, your friends will help you and in time you can definitely get a table.

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Now, Chicago... that's a beast of a city, which is great for a ton of reasons including the restaurants you can choose from. But, there's a problem, there's so many good restaurants it's impossible to try them all.

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However, thanks to one of my best friends, Ellen, I can give you a solid recommendation for next time you find yourself hungry in Chicago, Quartino Chicago. 

Until last Thursday night, I'd never heard of it, but now I haven't stopped talking about it.

The wine was good, the atmosphere was insane (we passed four completely dead restaurants before we walked in and it was packed!), but the burrata, that's what I'm heading back for.

Not only was the burrata cheese perfectly sized for the bread and tomatoes it was served with BUT there was smooshed roasted garlic underneath the bread and tomatoes that one would describe as lifechanging.

The dessert I had was pretty good, but I wouldn't order it again. Instead I'd order two burratas and just sit there and eat it all myself. Let me know if you need a travel buddy when you head to Chicago next!

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