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When Illinois' stay-at-home order we did not know we'd still be stuck at home two months later. Had we known this would happen we probably would have jumped on the "drive-thru" mindset from day one. Aside from some essential businesses offering drive-thru options, someone came up with the birthday "train" or "parade." Which, is a fun way to celebrate a birthday for young and old. Another "drive-thru" trend has begun for high school students, specifically seniors.

Down in Arthur, Ilinois, which is just outside of Decatur, had come up with a plan to allow to Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond High School seniors to "walk" the stage to accept their diploma, with social distancing in place and nobody in attendance. They came up with a plan that needs to be implemented in the Rockford area. The "drive-thru" graduation is now a thing.

Seniors at the Illinois high school with a really long name were to get out of their vehicle with their diploma in hand, walk the stage, skip the human contact with their principal, pose for a photo at the end of the stage, get back into their vehicle, and roll out. Here's what it looks like.

I say we make this happen here in northern Illinois. Why not? It's different, it's fun, and it still creates a special moment for high school seniors.

Rockford does have its own way of honor high school seniors, just look at Nicholas Conservatory which is being lit up in different school colors every night.

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