X'es E, a hip-hop artist from South Beloit, IL has recorded a new song every Pokemon Go player needs to put in their phone. Check out Poke-Go.

X'es E is a level 20 Pokemon Go player, who goes by the name DarkSideXes. He also controls 2 gyms. I asked him the strangest places he's captured a monster; he said "I caught an Eggsecute in my toilet, and one night I woke up, checked some notifications and decided to see if there were any Pokemon nearby." "Loaded up the game to find a Gastly (ghost Pokemon) in my room in the dark." "Creepy."

Illinois Hip-Hop Artist Creates 'Pokemon Go' Song and Video
X'es E

X'es E grew up in Hawaii and now resides in South Beloit. Performing on stage by the age of 7 and became an accomplished gymnast by the age of 16. Now X'es E keeps busy recording, beat creating for himself and other artists, and releasing songs like this timely track, Poke-Go.

Official Poke-Go Music Video (Pokemon Go Song) Now available iTunesGoogle Play and Amazon.

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