There are just some things you shouldn't do. This is one of them.

As a radio guy, broadcasting live on location is difficult. The situation is a bit more challenging when knuckleheads try to get in on the action.

Gaynor Hall from WGN-TV was doing the same thing on Saturday night when some rando decided to make himself famous.

Hall was assaulted on live TV when a guy grabbed her and shouted obscenities into the mic, Hall did her best to make it through the rest of the shot, but when she had a moment, addressed the situation on Facebook.

It was not funny.
You violated my personal space. You grabbed me.
You scared me.
Was it worth it?

Well, you'd have to ask Eric Farina, from Shorewood, Illinois, who was arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct on Sunday.

During her broadcast, 'Farina grabbed the reporter around her shoulders and uttered a profane and disturbing statement,' police said.

Farina was released on a $2500 bond.

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