It's getting colder in Illinois which means residents will begin debating the tough decision of when to turn their home's heat on if they haven't done so already.

There are other factors that come into play as the northern Midwest tip-toes into winter.

Hoodie Season Begins

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Thicker or More Blankets Are Added To Beds

Cute pug dog sleep on pillow in bed and wrap with the blanket feel happy in relax time

People Bust Out the 'Cold Outside' Gear

Little boy's child size jackets, coats and sweaters hanging in a kid's closet with colorful hangers.
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What this article hasn't pointed out thus far is a major problem in households anywhere the outdoor temperature gets cold - cold feet.

For the life of me, I'd like to know why God created some feet to be ice cold. I'm not questioning his creation, I'm just over here wondering why one-half of every couple has the world's coldest feet.


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Only those with an oscillating fan in their bedroom will understand the struggle of trading "white noise" for ice-cold air. There is also someone who needs the fan on and it can be pure hell for their bedmate.

This is where the funny comes in.

An Illinois man posted this in the Byron/Ogle Online Garage Sale Facebook group.

This is a highly modified bedroom fan. I have increased the pulley ratio to 34:3 and installed a 3 phase motor for maximum fan speed. There is an ice chute on the top to insert ice cubes for extra cooling. This fan is very popular with the ladies that enjoy the bedroom turbine while sleeping with 4 blankets.

Cold adult woman covered with clothes at night at home
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Do you have cute "live, laugh, love" decor hanging on the walls? Not anymore. That stuff will be blown to the next county. Cobwebs? Nope...gone. You'll never have to dust again. This thing will make your carpet ripple like waves in the ocean!

Unhappy Woman Feeling Cold Wearing Warm Winter Clothes Indoors
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Please note: You'll have to run 480 volts to your bedroom to power this. You will also have to increase your blanket count from 4 to 7. Weighted blankets highly recommended.
Guys, if your woman buys this just give up. You'll have frostbite on your 5 limbs by morning. Must sign waiver at purchase. $600 firm. No trades but you can try.

Obviously, this "item" is all in good fun, at least I think it is.

You can view it here.

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