Who knew Illinois could ever make the list of most educated states in America?

If you ask anyone who lives in Illinois, majority will probably say our school systems are broken and kids aren't getting the right type of education these days.

Illinois tends to land on more "negative" lists like being one of the 'worst places to live', having one of the 'worst cities to call home', and being home to the 'worst drivers in America'.  After hearing we hit a more positive list... it seems too good to be true.

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Illinois Named 'Most Educated State' In The Country

How did we figure into this list?  Here's how Scholaroo got their numbers.

"Scholaroo analyzed the states with the highest and lowest levels of education on two factors: educational level and school quality." [scholaroo]

They focused on individuals who completed their studies and the quality of the institution where they attended.

Coming in as the most educated state at #1 with a score at 81: Massachusetts

#2: Minnesota

#3: Connecticut

#4: Virginia

#5: Pennsylvania

#6: Vermont

#7: Nebraska

#8: Missouri

And coming in at #9.... Illinois.  Not too shabby with a score of 66/100.

"Illinois emerged as a standout performer in multiple categories. Notably, it made remarkable strides, jumping from 10th to the 4th position for the percentage of adults holding master's degrees." [fox32]

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Yikes, Wisconsin made the list at #16 with a score of 62/100.  Glad we aren't them.

At the end of the day, going to college and getting a higher education can always benefit you in your future careers.  Whether your state ranked as one of the 'most educated' or 'least educated', at least you're exceling your future!


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