If you're looking for the best and most perfect Valentine's Day dinner you won't have to go too far from Rockford.

That's because, in Illinois, the best restaurant for Valentine's Day is down the road in Chicago.

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I decided to pull up FourSquare and searched Valentine's Day in Illinois. The restaurant at the top of the list is a legendary joint.

According to FourSquare, Gibson Italia is the place to be on Valentine's Day.

ISC Chicago says "Italian on Valentine's Day: makes sense to us!"

Cynthia B. on Yelp says "I had a Valentine to remember here." and Gloria D. said while celebrating Valentine's Day at Gibson Italia "the restaurant was beautiful...the view was beautiful too."

However, Mujahed K. gave Gibson's Italia a three-star review mentioning "Maybe just came on the wrong day to give a better review due to being overcrowded due to Valentine's Day holiday."

It seems that Gibson's Italia is already busy on Valentine's Day and I'm sure this article isn't going to help slow things down.

My recommendation, make a reservation instead of just showing up. That won't work on Valentine's Day and honestly, probably any other day.

Either way, crowded or not if you're looking for the perfect restaurant to spend the Valentine's Day holiday you could do way worse than Gibson's Italia.

Gibson's Italia is located at 233 North Canal Street in Chicago.

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