I really miss normal life, but whenever somebody asks me what I miss the most, my answer is the movies.

So hearing that movie theaters are working to open up ASAP makes me SO happy! The National Association of Theater Owners of Illinois is submitting a plan to Gov. Pritzker that would allow movie theaters to reopen sooner than Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan.

According to the plan, theaters can't open until June 26th with a strict limit of 50 people per auditorium. The Association says this doesn't make sense because theaters can hold up to 1,000 people.

The proposed plan would call for theaters to be allowed to reopen with 50 percent of the theater filled, which NATO says is the standard proposed by the governor for restaurants and bars.

Here's the new safety measures they proposed according to WTVO -

  • Requiring all employees to undergo training before returning to work on enhanced cleaning procedures, personal health and wellness, use of face masks and gloves, and maintaining social distancing.
  • Taking employee temperatures before reporting to work for each shift.
  • Mandating that cloth masks be worn at all times and disposable gloves be worn during customer interactions.
  • Maintaining a minimum of six-foot distance between viewing parties, using empty seats and rows as necessary.
  • Placing six-foot spacing markings in areas where guests may have to queue and assigning staff to ensure social distancing is respected.
  • Encouraging customers to purchase tickets online to decrease contact opportunities.

I hope this happens. I really miss the movies.

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