Nicor Gas customers want to know why they've been receiving mysterious charges on their bill.

NBC 5 in Chicago broke the story about two women, Lisa Meyers and Susan Spacone, who noticed some sneaky service charges on their Nicor Gas bills.

According to NBC 5, the women "were directed to (Nicor's) sister company, Nicor Home Solutions. That's when they learned they'd been paying thousands of dollars for home warranty services they didn't want or need for years."

If you live in Illinois, there's a very good chance you're a Nicor Gas customer.

I'm a customer. Here's my most recent Nicor Gas bill. I believe this is the charge Meyers and Spacone are talking about.

Illinois Nicor Gas Customers Furious After Unexplained Charges Begin Popping Up On Bills

Meyers told NBC 5 Chicago, that she never agreed to the Nicor warranty and said they had no proof she agreed to it either.

When I was reading the article, my biggest question is "how does this happen?"

NBC 5 Chicago says mailers are sent and "aimed at enticing Nicor Gas customers to call. And when they do, the insider says a salesperson is waiting on the other end, pressured to sell unneeded home warranty plans to unsuspecting consumers."

I don't recall agreeing to this charge either. I suspect many others may have done the same too.

The Illinois Attorney General is aware of the allegations. In response to NBC 5's claim, Nicor Home Solutions released a statement. You can read it HERE.

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