If you were in a shopping mall in the 90's, you know all about the infamous photo service known as Glamour Shots. What was I thinking?

Steve Shannon in the Studio

You'll need that photo above of me in the 97ZOK studio for some reference in a little bit. The photo above is how I look today. You're about to take a trip back to 1993.

"Girl, You Know It's True"... Glamour Shots is ALL for you

I was living in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area in 1993 when I was assigned a gig to do a live broadcast from a Glamour Shots studio at one of the malls to promote a Mother's Day sale.

At this point in my life, Glamour Shots was just a place I walked by in EVERY MALL IN AMERICA and got distracted by big hair, purple eye shadow and incredibly bright smiles. I often wondered what these women on the wall looked like before the got all 'glamour-ized' by the employees.

During the live broadcast, I learned a lot about the process to make women of the 90s feel amazing when going through the Glamour Shots process. The promotion for moms was a big hit and I was happy to be a part.

I had no idea I was about to be talked into doing what very few men before me had done at Glamour Shots

While laughing with some of the employees that were showing me some (shhhhh) 'before-and-after' photos, they hit me with a request that in the moment sounded like a great idea.

"Dude, you should totally let us do a photoshoot for you!"


"Blame it On the Rain" or just the ridiculous mood I was in

I took that bait quick. I drove home to grab some different clothes, let them do what they do and have had hundreds of great laughs at these two photos with people ever since.

Now, I get to share the laughs with you.

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Illinois Radio DJ Exposes His 'Glamourous' 1990s Headshots for the World to See

If you you have some Glamour Shots sitting in a box in your basement, please DM them to me using the 97ZOK app. (Download to your phone by clicking the link above)

Illinois Radio DJ Exposes His 'Glamourous' 1990s Headshots for the World to See

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