We all have a moment when an embarrassing story we wish would die, slips out. For Elliot Grandia from Eyewitness News, this was one of those moments.

Elliot Grandia (Eyewitness News/Channel 17 WTVO morning news anchor) and I met for the first time in the summer of 2020. My wife and I were having dinner on the deck at Prairie Street Brewing Co. when Elliot walked by with my 97ZOK co-worker, "Midday" Michelle Abraham. Michelle is also part of the morning show at Eyewitness News with Elliot. Before we could be formally introduced he introduced himself and then called me by the wrong name. And, it wasn't just any old name he called me. He called by the name of another Rockford radio morning show host. What made this so funny to me wasn't really him getting my name wrong as much as it was his eagerness to just throw it out there with such apparent surety; that coupled with the "oh wow, did that just happen?" look on my co-worker Michelle's face.

This morning (4/2921) during my weekly segment on Eyewitness News we were all joking about how a Kentucky Derby Horse Name Generator named me Great Stallion. When asking to be called Great Stallion from here on out, I also thought I'd share what Elliot called me when he and I first met.

I have watched this video below at least 20 times and I die every time. I'm also not sure what's funnier; Elliot nearly sliding out of his chair, or Joey Marino's off-camera laughter.

The weekly segment on Eyewitness News is called Forest City Face-Off and every Tuesday and Thursday, myself and Producer MJ, play this trivia game against other Rockford morning radio shows. One of those other morning shows is Double T from Classic Rock 96.7 The Eagle.

Here's that Kentucky Derby Horse Name Generator that I mentioned earlier.

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