Finding healthy ways to heal from painful experiences can sometimes be a greater challenge than what caused the pain. I'm thankful I learned this.

Childhood Trauma

Most of us have memories from our childhood that make some days tougher than others. My sister and I have traumas that go back to when we were very young.

My sister is seven years older than me, and like older siblings, they are often your protector. What makes my sister a 'superhero' to me is that she became my protector when she really needed one herself.

When you just need a break, how do you escape?

In her darkness, she found a temporary way to escape what was hurting her and I'm so grateful that she shared her 'way' with me when I was very young.

My sister loved music and one day when she didn't mind having her little brother up in her business, she put her headphones on my head and shared why it was her favorite way to listen to her favorite songs.

Wearing headphones wasn't about her not bothering others around her, it was so that they couldn't bother her. She showed me how the rest of the world goes away when you put on headphones. We'd put on our favorite songs and for that time we could go anywhere and be anything.

Music and headphones became the combination that I needed in my life as often as possible. I'm convinced that those moments in my sister's room led to me becoming a storyteller on the radio, who plays great songs and wears headphones.

Pablo Korona
Pablo Korona

From Pain to Joy: The Story You Didn't Know About 97ZOK's Steve Shannon

What my sister taught me is part of the driving force behind why I am always looking for the joy in everything around me. I believe through my sister, my 'superhero', God showed me my purpose at a very young age.

I'm so grateful to Our City Our Story for sharing part of my story and why I'm so at peace with some great songs, a pair of headphones and a story to tell.

This video was produced by Pablo Korona.

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I don't want to get in the way of my own rhythm anymore. It took a long time but through my faith and my amazing wife and kids I'm beginning to understand my purpose in this world. That's all I've ever wanted... a life of purpose and joy.

When music and headphones aren't enough to keep my sister and I moving forward, we bring our concerns and questions to a mental health professional. I cannot encourage therapy enough. Don't let anyone tell you that seeking outside help is something weak people do. It is the exact opposite. It's the strong that admit they don't know all the answers or have all the tools... find a therapist you trust to start the conversation. And, NEVER GIVE UP.

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