Five different holiday zoo light displays have residents of Illinois excited.

Family Activities For The Holidays

For me, to help my family and friends get into the Christmas Spirit, participating in holiday activities always helps. Events like holiday shows, parties, and shopping are fun ideas. I think my favorite has to be checking out holiday light displays and Christmas decorations.


Holiday Light Displays Are My Favorite

Since I was a child, my favorite kind of Christmas decorations are outside holiday lights. On Christmas Eve night, in between church and going to my uncle's house, my dad would drive us around town to see all the beautiful displays. It is still a great memory of mine. Now, there are so many places to check them out.


More Opportunities To Experience Christmas Lights

Back in those days, people would hang lights around their homes or businesses. It was nothing fancy. If you were lucky, there would be several in one neighborhood to check out. Nowadays, outdoor holiday light displays are a big deal with very fancy set-ups.


You can see them at parks, amusement parks, arboretums, towns, and many other options. One of my favorites to visit each season is the zoo lights. Several Illinois Zoos offer Christmas light displays during the holidays. It is special because you can see the animals too.

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Five Zoos In Illinois That Feature Outdoor Holiday Light Displays

We are lucky in Illinois during the holidays because five different zoos in our state feature Christmas light displays this year.

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