Are you loving your house? Or do you wish everything about it was different? If you live in Illinois, chances are you wish you could change almost everything. 

There's something about renting an apartment or a condo or home that makes you feel a little more at ease with the things you don't like about your living situation.

I hate that my front closet doesn't have a light and that my laundry room is basically in my kitchen, but I don't dwell on it, because I can get up and move when my lease is up if I'd like to.

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However, if you own a place, things are a little different. Sure you have a lot of say as to what your home looks and feels like, but you have to foot the bill and make the time for big changes and that can't be mighty tough to fit in your schedule.

According to a new study conducted by real estate company, New Jersey Real Estate Network, those of us living in Illinois are the least happy with our living situations and we have the dreamiest wishes to remodel.

We take the top spot here in Illinois by quite a lot.

The study used online searches for 'bathroom remodel,' 'kitchen remodel,' and the like to come up with which states are hoping for a revamp the most, however, I would argue this doesn't totally mean we want a change... maybe those of us in Illinois just like a good before and after video?

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The top ten states looking for a remodel include: Colorado, Maryland, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington.

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But you know they always give us the opposite info in studies like this too... so if you're wondering, those living in Montana aren't worried about remodeling at all and neither are our Alaskan friends.

Which part of your home would you remodel first?

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