Fall is the perfect time for pumpkins, so why not grow a 900 lb pumpkin in your backyard?

I can't grow things to save my life. Seriously, I killed a bamboo plant. No one else on the planet has ever killed a bamboo plant.

So to hear that a sixth grader in Wheaton grew a 900 lb pumpkin is incredible. Oh yeah, and she did it in her own backyard.

This isn't a fluke, Carena Adkins told WGN that she's grown other enormous pumpkins in her backyard before, and this one isn't even the biggest.

Her dad helps a lot, of course, how is an 11-year-old supposed to manage a 900 lb pumpkin... and he says the vines can grow up to a foot a day.

Carena and her dad enter the pumpkins in contests, so good luck to them this fall, and if you have any leftovers, I'll totally make some pies. I can't grow a plant, but I can absolutely make a pie.

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