Mrs. Jay Cutler is working with Steve Harvey to get some Bears fans hooked up before the games.

I can't believe I never thought of this word combo before, Kristin Cavallari is "Taildating." I'm not always her biggest fan, but man do I love putting words together!

Tailgating is an art. A lot of planning goes into having a successful pre-game party with your friends, the food, the drinks, the clean-up before the game starts, there isn't too much time to meet new people.

However, as we learn from NBC Chicago's report of Kristin's "taildating," it is a smart place to go looking for guys, since men make up almost 90 percent of the tailgating party goers.

Kristin successfully matched the single girl, Colleen Hurley, with a doctor to go on a date with... so I'd say she was pretty successful. I will also invite Kristin and Steve Harvey to tailgate with my friends December 4... sure it won't be cut off shorts weather but I'm pretty sure I'll still be single in a pool of dude tailgaters.

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