Spring has sprung and that means all the fish you can eat... at a fish fry! But who makes the best fish in the Rockford area? We just found out.

Whether you're eating fish because you follow the Lenten rules or you just like a giant piece of fried cod, March and April are the months to dive into the fish and probably the french fries too.

But where should you go to enjoy your fried fish?

Thankfully I have another job you know, at Good Day Stateline, where I get to help find the Stateline's Best once a month and this month, it was ALL about fried fish.

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We went to five different spots in the Stateline to find a winner and we landed at the same place that makes the Stateline's Best Soup.

Do you remember who won that?

Fritz's Wooden Nickel!

Fritz did it again, landing on the top of the Stateline's Best list with his fried fish that he says goes pretty quickly on weekends at his restaurant in Stillman Valley.

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Are you up for some fried fish tonight or this weekend?

Where's your favorite place to go?


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