Krisha might look like an ordinary teenage girl, but she is definitely not, she's a scientific genius!

Science was not my best subject in high school. In fact it was my absolute worst, which is why when I see something so incredible come out of a high school student's scientific mind I am amazed.

Krisha is so smart! And she's also able to explain science in a way for all of us to understand.

Which is probably why she's in the running for this incredible Breakthrough Junior Challenge scholarship.

She is one of the popular vote finalists and could end up with $250,000 toward her college education.

Where she will probably find a way to get all us levitating by 2042.

Her video has almost 29,000 views right now and she's currently in second place, let's get her in first!

Not only am I hoping she wins because she's a smart girl from Illinois, but she also happens to go to the high school I went to.

Go Krisha!

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