What's the most important part of your Thanksgiving holiday?

When holidays roll around, search engines can tell us a lot about what we care about.

What do you search for before Thanksgiving?

For me, it's a tie between the weather (because my family takes an outdoor walk every Thanksgiving) and a specific whipped cream recipe that I only use once a year and never think to memorize.

But for most people in Illinois, it's all about the Turkey Bowl... on a football field.

According to GoogleTrends, Illinois is the only state with 'football field' as the most searched item for Thanksgiving.

Not turkey, mashed potatoes, hotels, delis, or plant nursery locations (which looks like the most popular search in the country), no, we Midwesterners want to play football before the feast.

And you know what? When we drive to our Thanksgiving walk, which is less than five minutes from my parents' house, we pass at least three football games.

While our biggest search in Illinois is unique, it's definitely not the weirdest. Let's give that title to New York, because why are you looking for a sports card store?

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